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Riders for Health is a non-profit NGO focused on providing reliable, cost-effective and sustainable transport solutions for health care interventions targeting rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Riders’ expertise lies in managing vehicles for organisations working in health care delivery in challenging conditions. They are motivated by the belief and first-hand knowledge that effective, reliable and appropriate transport can greatly improve and invigorate health systems.


In 2009, Riders launched a programme in Eastern Province, Zambia, in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Centre for Infectious Disease Research Zambia (CIDRZ), initially mobilising five Sample Transport (ST) couriers in Chadiza District and later, a further three in Nyimba District to improve the delivery of public health care by enabling the efficient detection and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, TB and other diseases. Since then, Riders has also mobilised 19 environmental health technicians (EHTs) operating in Chadiza and Nyimba districts using motorcycles managed within a preventive maintenance system. In 2012, they launched a new programme in Southern Province in partnership with the MoH to manage a new fleet of 76 motorcycles and 4 four-wheeled vehicles to allow four District Medical Offices to deliver outreach health care on a predictable and cost-effective basis. Riders plans further expansion both provinces.