Lothian Health Board

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Public Hospital/NHS

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NHS Lothian is a Scottish health organisation based in Edinburgh. It was established in 2001 as the ‘umbrella’ organisation for all Lothian health services, with strategic planning and leadership provided by Lothian NHS Board.
NHS Lothian’s principal health organisations are Lothian NHS Board, the University Hospitals Division, and five Community Health Partnerships (CHPs). In West Lothian, the CHP is called West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP).

Since 2004, NHS Lothian has established a partnership with different health institutions in Zambia, mainly in Ndola and Chipata. Initially the partnership focused on exchanging information and support in tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic. (Lothian has one of the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom outside London, mainly because it has had a high prevalence of drug users in the early years; Zambia has one of the highest prevalences of HIV/AIDS in Africa). Today it involved support for training of health workers as well as on the job training on other health areas.